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Design strategy for a natural mattress company

Organisation: Institute for Sustainable Development - Foundation Website: Added: October 03, 2023
Project start date: January 02, 2017
Project end date: June 30, 2018


The company "Danpol" is a long-standing manufacturer of mattresses for children and adults, specializing in the production of products from natural materials. The company uses buckwheat husks for production - a natural material with extraordinary health-promoting properties, which for many years was considered only a waste product of buckwheat processing. Thanks to the implementation of the project "Purchase of consulting services and fixed assets for implementation of design strategy at Danpol", the company has undergone significant changes in image, design, marketing and investments aimed at implementation of design innovations. The first stage of the project was an audit and development of a design strategy, and in the next stage the Masurian company implemented the recommendations developed earlier. The project included a number of activities: design management, service design, design of innovative products, marketing strategy and purchase of fixed assets to implement design innovations. Thanks to the changes made, a new line of children's furniture called ROO was introduced, made of solid wood and covered only with safe paints and varnishes. In addition, the machinery was expanded and upgraded, which improved the production process of mattresses and furniture. A system of customer service standards and contacts with partners was also introduced, and logistics were improved, for example with a mattress rolling machine. Implementation period of stage I - audit and design strategy: 01.2017-06.2017. Implementation period of stage II - implementation of the design strategy: 02.2018-06.2018.

Financial data

The value of the project is PLN 2,433,555.92 (about EUR 570,922.21), and the amount of EU co-financing is PLN 1,764,200.00 (about EUR 413,888.56)


The company introduced technological improvements and benefited from a consulting service, which consisted of implementing the recommendations of the design strategy in accordance with the Design Thinking methodology, throughout the project period. The introduced solutions allowed the company to increase its annual turnover (from 1.6 million in 2019, to 2.4 million in 2020) and significantly expand product sales to the foreign market.

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