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Woonerf in Sopot city

Organisation: Institute for Sustainable Development Foundation Website: Added: September 27, 2022
Project start date: January 04, 2021
Project end date: June 15, 2022


Woonerf is a term that refers to a way of designing a street in an urbanized zone in such a way that while maintaining the basic functions of the street, special emphasis is placed on traffic calming. The idea emerged in the 1970s in the Netherlands. A woonerf is at the same time a street, a promenade, a parking lot and a meeting place for residents. The longest woonerf in Poland was created in Sopot. Usually they are between 100 and 300 meters long. This one reaches a length of as much as 1,200 meters. Plans for changes were consulted during many meetings with residents of this part of the city. It was decided that the investment "Arrangement of water and sewage management in the quarter of Parkowa - Kordeckiego - Wojska Polskiego - Kilińskiego avenues as a countermeasure to flooding of the lower terrace of the city of Sopot", in addition to its primary importance, i.e. preventing flooding, will change the appearance of this part of Sopot. The main purpose of the investment is to create conditions for rainwater outflow in the catchment areas: Karlikowski Stream and Haffner Stream to the Gulf of Gdansk. It is also important to protect against flooding in the lower terrace of the city through the construction of a municipal rainwater drainage system in the quarter of the streets: Parkowa - Kordeckiego - Wojska Polskiego Avenue - Kilińskiego. As part of the investment, the gas network was rebuilt along with connections to properties, street lighting on the lower terrace of Sopot was modernized, and the existing underground and above-ground infrastructure was cleaned up. Streets and sidewalks received a new, more friendly and natural surface, new greenery appeared to retain some of the rainwater in place and make the space nicer.

Financial data

The cost of the investment is PLN 12,289,931.90 (approx. 27,01,974.69 EUR). It was implemented from two EU projects: "Management of rainwater in the basins of watercourses and canals located in the city of Sopot, flowing into the Gulf of Gdansk" and "Modernization of street lighting in Sopot with the use of the latest technologies."


The balance between bicycle, car and pedestrian traffic is a solution used in many European cities, which greatly improves the quality of life not only for local residents, but for all users of these spaces. In addition, woonerfs can be an element of adaptation to climate change in cities, preventing flooding during heavy rainfall.

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