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2019. január 10.

Time to report!

To face 2019, some forget-me-not remarks from the CEEweb Academy 2018!

During the second half of 2018, CEEweb organised its annual CEEweb for Biodiversity Academy, organised with Eurosite and supported by EKLIPSE. The 2018 Academy tackled the theme “Planning for an Uncertain Future: Climate Change, Wetlands and Natura 2000” aiming to bridge the gap between the newest strands of resilience thinking and adaptive environmental management that exists in the science sector, with practice related to the policy world, including the EU Biodiversity Strategy, Green Infrastructure Strategy, Water Framework Directive, Habitats and Birds Directive, Floods Directive, Climate Policies and the relevant international conventions.

As of yet, the management of wetlands, both within and outside of the Natura 2000 sites, still does not keep up with the accelerating changes caused by climate change. Therefore, it is essential to adopt the new paradigm of adaptive management, which is essential for a successful long-term conservation of wetlands and other natural areas maintaining a safe environment for human well-being and biodiversity.

Thus, the aim of this workshop was to encourage the shift towards more integrated and adaptive management approaches under relevant policies, benefiting from the existing technology, knowledge and the examples of good practice, and to gradually transform the management plans to consider uncertainty, change and most importantly climate change.

The working groups within the Academy, represented by policy makers, national and EU authorities, scientists, policy focused NGOs, and site management practitioners, came up with an analysis and recommendations in the following 6 areas:

  1. Different global and EU policies supporting wetlands restoration and conservation
  2. Practice and implementation of NWRM & NBS in Natura 2000
  3. Eurosite Management Planning Guide
  4. Scientific modelling in management planning and ecosystem services – Possibilities for the broader application of modelling in site management and restoration
  5. The role of the European Private Land Conservation Network (ELCN)
  6. Risk-Based Decision Making

Moreover, 8 study cases of wetlands and N2000 sites were a fundamental part of the learning approach.

Thus, have a look at the CEEweb for Biodiversity Academy 2018 Report!


Presentation by Eszter Kelemen. Download.
Title: An introduction to EKLIPSE: developing the science-society-policy interface on biodiversity and ecosystem services

Presentation by Monika Kotulak. Download.
Title: What EU and other stakeholders can do in terms of ecosystem restoration

Presentation by Laura Palomo-Rios. Download.
Title: EU funding supporting Nature-Based Solution projects in the EU

Presentation by Eef Silver. Download.
Title: Natural water retention through restoration of the sponge function of drained soils in the Rhine basin

Presentation by Marjolein Sterk. Download.
Title: Scientific evidence of wetlands’ benefits for nature

Presentation by Klára Hajdu. Download.
Title: What can the EU and other stakeholders do for ecosystem restoration? (Working group 1)

Presentation by Eef Silver. Download.
Title: Practices of natural water retention measures and Nature-Based Solutions in Natura 2000 and water management at national and regional level (Working group 2)

Presentation by Clive Hurford and Henk Zingstra. Download.
Title: Eurosite Management Planning (Working group 3)

Presentation by Paul Leadbitter. Download.
Title: The use of modelling in land management (Working group 4)

Presentation by Sue Stolton. Download.
Title: An introduction to the concept and development of privately protected areas

Presentation by Mark Burgman. Download.
Title: Structured judgement and decision making (Working group 6)

Presentation bij Kristijan Čivić. Download.
Title: Summary of workshops

Presentation by Nigel Maxted. Download.
Title: Mutually beneficial collaboration: bridging the Protected Area / Agrobiodiversity divide?

Presentation by Evelyn Underwood. Download.
Title: Financing Nature-Based Solutions for long-term water management

Presentation by Paul Vertegaal. Download.
Natural Climate Buffers in the Netherlands

Presentation by CEEweb for Biodiversity. Download.
Title: Wetland restoration case studies

Presentation by Clive Hurford. Download.
Title: New technologies for Natura 2000 monitoring

Presentation by Kristijan Čivić. Download.
Title: Fostering Private Land Conservation in Europe, LIFE – ELCN