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Policy Positions

The mission of CEEweb is to work on the conservation of biodiversity through the promotion of sustainable development. This, however, requires better policy- and decision-making practices and approaches on various levels in order to pursue a real respect to the principles of sustainability. Therefore, CEEweb takes part in such processes, elaborating assessments, position papers and recommendations — whether we do so on our own or in cooperation with other organisations.

These documents target governmental organisations forming policies and making decisions, as well as other non-governmental and private stakeholders, in order to share experiences, ideas, and to develop common positions for a sustainable society.

Below, you can revise the standpoints of CEEweb* on distinct topics in our aim to help preserve biodiversity: assessments, positions and reports from the CEEweb Policy Office and its member organisations, as well as joint statements with other organisations and networks.

*The positions expressed herein exclusively reflect CEEweb for Biodiversity’s points of view. Donor bodies are not responsible nor liable for the expressed statements nor for the use of the information made available.