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Towards a Climate-Neutral EU

Towards a climate-neutral EU

Funding and incentives for a transformative European Green Deal and Recovery Plan

The European Union’s transition to climate neutrality and greater biodiversity protection, committed to in the EU’s Flagship priority European Green Deal (EGD), will require a major change in public funding and incentives. Therefore, the “Towards a climate-neutral EU” project will seek to improve the level and quality of funding and fiscal policy to bolster EU sustainability ambitions, including biodiversity and climate-neutrality and delivery on the European Green Deal.

Set within the broader theme of sustainability-proofing the EU Budget, the project will engage, as an advocacy campaign, with the European Recovery Plan and the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF), agreed by the European Council on 21 July 2020 and currently waiting for approval by the European Parliament and by national parliaments.


The project will engage the Member State and EU levels to improve the results of the current inter-institutional negotiations on the Recovery Plan and MFF to ensure that they help integrate, fund, and catalyse a carbon neutral, green transition, and respect the European Green Deal.

Moreover, it will also engage in the programming of EU funds via the Partnership Agreements (PAs) and Recovery Plans in the Central and Eastern European grant countries to ensure priorities are present, that climate is duly integrated, and that progressive instruments and measures are committed to in the PAs and Recovery Plans.

CEEweb’s Role

Representing altogether 27 member organisations in the study countries — specifically, 6 in Bulgaria, 7 in Hungary, 1 in Latvia, 4 in Poland, 7 in Romania, and 2 in Slovakia), CEEWeb is responsible for providing inputs on the areas of expertise of biodiversity and agriculture, as well as coordinating the correlated work of the project partners.

CEEweb will carry out advocacy activities on the European level, take part in drafting recommendations for the Hungarian Partnership Agreement, and disseminating all civil society proposals.

Main Expected Results

The project aims for PAs and other European Green Deal measures to reflect civil society demands on climate funding and spending, being thus fit to deliver on the climate neutrality objective, as well as on the wider objectives of the European Green Deal.

On the long-term, the project seeks to make EU climate spending mainstreaming consistent with a pathway towards carbon neutral and climate-resilient development, as stated in the European Green Deal and the Paris Agreement. Among others, for EU funding and economic/fiscal instruments to provide more targeted and effective support for climate action, while Paris-incompatible incentives and funding are reduced.

Overall, the idea is to catalyse the fast decarbonisation of the EU economy and boost climate mitigation in agriculture and land use, including thorough nature-based solutions


Title: Towards a climate-neutral EU: funding and incentives for a transformative European Green Deal and Recovery Plan

Duration: 1 October 2020 – 31 May 2021

Funding: € 28 000.00

Primary donor: The Federal Republic of Germany, represented by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (the BMU)

Contracting partner: Clean Air Action Group Hungary (LMCS / CAAG)

Project Coordinators: European Environmental Bureau (EEB) and Clean Air Action Group Hungary (LMCS / CAAG)

Project Partners:

  • Bulgaria: Economic PoIicy Institute
  • Central and Eastern Europe: CEEweb for Biodiversity
  • Czech Republic: Centre for Transport and Energy
  • Latvia: Green Liberty
  • Poland: Polish Green Network
  • Romania: Focus Eco Center
  • Slovakia: Centre for Sustainable Alternatives
  • Slovenia: Umanotera