Kirsty Busisile Ncube

Kirsty Busisile Ncube

Kirsty Busisile Ncube

Project Intern

Kirsty is our intern from South Africa, where she worked in the competitive Property Industry before deciding to pursue a new career path with studies in Hungary. During this time, she has gathered academic knowledge in the systematic utilisation of natural resources through development, environmental protection, and on how to address agricultural production with an environmentally friendly approach.

Kirsty is a Stipendium Hungaricum holder herself and is currently in her final year of studies for a BSc in Agriculture Engineering (Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Hungary), aiming for an optional specialisation in Agri-environmental Management. She speaks English and is learning Hungarian.

She works at CEEweb as a Project Intern for the AGROMIX project. Her tasks include policy analysis of the Central and Eastern European legacy on agroforestry in previous and the upcoming Common Agricultural Policy, as well as research for the production of publications on agroforestry and mixed farming.

During her spare time, she enjoys travelling and playing Ping-Pong. Moreover, she is currently a Stipendium Hungaricum Mentor for new scholarship holders and a Committee Member of the South African Women in Hungary Support Group.

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