Finlay Field

Finlay Field

Finlay Field

Project & Communications Intern

Finlay is a recent humanities graduate. Beginning his degree with plans to work in journalism, experiences managing student societies encouraged him to shift focus onto the history of information policy and rhetorics. He is particularly interested in public engagement and its role in sustainable cyberinfrastructure.

He holds a BA in English Language & Literature (University of Oxford, UK), with a Final Honours specialisation in Advertising Theory. His undergraduate thesis explores the development of the Internet and the work of Jorge Luis Borges. He speaks English.

Finlay has joined CEEweb as an intern for summer 2021, working on the Game on! project. He contributes copywriting, formatting, and research to our e-learning platform, with a focus on youth engagement and accessibility, and writes features for the Game on! blog.

In his spare time, Finlay is training as a schools workshop volunteer for the charity Beyond Equality. He is a lifelong fan of the outdoors and enjoys hiking in the Cotswold hills near his home. After four years of Shakespeare, he is also enjoying some more recent reading — currently Barbara Haskell’s Grant Wood: American Gothic and Other Fables.

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