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Know your country’s parties!

With the European Parliament (EP) elections happening on 23-26 May 2019, parties and candidates all over the European Union stand for their own vision of what the EU needs. Thus, at CEEweb for Biodiversity we wanted to know what is the position of the parties in the Central and Eastern European (CEE) region on environmental sustainability. Will they support regulation of new pollutants, like pesticides, (micro)plastics, hormone-disrupting substances, etc.? Will they help end fossil fuel subsidies?

To find an answer to these and other critical environmental issues, CEEweb contacted the candidates from the CEE region who are aiming to become European Parliamentarians, sending them a questionnaire to express their positions, aims and proposals on environmental related topics. The five themes addressed — and their respective questions — were the following:

  1. Regulation of new pollutants
    Will you be supporting the regulation of new pollutants that have proved to pose a significant threat to people and nature, such as pesticides, (micro)plastics, hormone-disrupting substances, etc.?
  2. Sustainable agriculture
    What will you do in the EP to make European agriculture become more diverse, healthy and sustainable?
  3. Fossil fuel subsidies
    What is your position on the financing of fossil fuel projects from EU money?
  4. Environmental civil society organizations in our region
    Will you be advocating for better financing rates in environment-related EU funds to alleviate the handicap of civil society organizations in Central and Eastern Europe?
  5. The party’s main sustainability message
    In the run-up to EU elections, what is your message to citizens for whom sustainability, the environment and biodiversity are important?

By investigating the positions of parties in our region, we wish to help citizens make more informed decisions at the 2019 European elections. Therefore, you can now have a look at what your country’s parties have to say.

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