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Become a member

CEEweb for Biodiversity is an international network open to NGOs and individuals from the Central and East European region, as well as from any other country actively working in this region on nature conservation issues.

Member organizations of CEEweb for Biodiversity can participate in all activities and events of the network and are welcome to join the CEEweb for Biodiversity Working Groups. Full members are entitled to send their representative to the Annual Meeting, where they can directly take part in the discussions and in decision-making processes through their voting rights. Members can also be elected to the Board and the Supervisory Committee of CEEweb for Biodiversity.

Application for membership

Read our mission and aims and our Articles of Association. If your organisation works in the same line as CEEweb’s mission and accepts its aims, you can apply for membership. Application for the CEEweb membership can be requested by sending us the following documents:

  • Application form
  • Documents of the organization:
    • Official registration documents (in the original language or English)
    • The statute and other relevant licenses (in the original language or English)
    • Description of organization: mission, aims and current projects (in English)
    • Organizational chart: structure, membership and decision-making process (in English)
    • The annual work program for the coming year (in English)
    • Statement of intent: what the applicant expects from joining CEEweb for Biodiversity and what they can offer in return

Applications may be sent by post to the Budapest Office or by e-mail to office@nullceeweb.org.

After deliberation of the above-mentioned documents, the Board proposes to the Annual Meeting to approve or disapprove the applicant’s membership. New members are endorsed by the Annual Meeting of CEEweb by simple majority.

Note: If you attend the Annual Meeting and you are not the official representative of your NGO, you need to bring a letter of authorization/credentials with yourself stating that, as part of a member institution, you are entitled to vote in the name of your organization.

If you are an applicant

Try to come to the Annual Meeting to get to know us. Our Annual Meeting takes place during the autumn season (read about our previous Annual Meetings). We would also appreciate if you introduced your NGO at the Annual Meeting in a non-formal way. You can do that in a PowerPoint presentation if you like (keep it within a maximum of ten slides).

Types of membership you can request

Full members can be non-governmental organizations that are legal entities in their own right, active in the field of nature conservation with an environmental objective aimed at the public good and with a view to sustainable development.

Honorary members are individual members to whom the association wishes to confer this status in consideration of the moral support or the actual work they have contributed. The Annual Meeting is deciding by recommendation of the Board or any member of CEEweb for Biodiversity about the approval of an honorary status. Honorary members are free of any membership fee.

Supporting members are NGOs or individual members who support the organisation with voluntary work or donations, but not wishing to take part in the activities of the organization as a full member.

Should you have more questions about becoming a member, please contact our office via office@nullceeweb.org.