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Capacity building

Apart from various unrelated training possibilities CEEweb has two programs where members are regularly offered capacity building: its Annual Meetings and the CEEweb Academy. While the last two events happen yearly and are open for all CEEweb member organizations, the CEEweb Policy Office also strives to offer ad hoc trainings based on the emerging needs and available opportunities.

1. Capacity building at the Annual Meetings

At our Annual Meetings we always offer extra capacity-building programs, which are optional for our members.

CEEweb Annual Meeting 2005
Related program: “Learning about sustainable tourism – definitions, principles and developments” (workshop)

CEEweb Annual Meeting 2006
Related program: “Making a change by talking?” (seminar)

CEEweb Annual Meeting 2007
Related program: “Financing rural development in the EU” (workshop)

CEEweb Annual Meeting 2008
Related program: “Media skills” (workshop)

CEEweb Annual Meeting 2009
Related program: Post-2010 Biodiversity Policies (seminar)

CEEweb Annual Meeting 2010
Related program: Resource Cap Coalition kick-off meeting (workshop)

CEEweb Annual Meeting 2011
Related program: Training for National Networking Focal Points

CEEweb Annual Meeting 2012
Related program: Synergies between Biodiversity, Water and Land Use Policies

CEEweb Annual Meeting 2013
Related program: Preserving Europe’s Ecosystems and Natural Capital

CEEweb Annual Meeting 2014
Related program: Academy on Green Infrastructure 

2. CEEweb Academy

The CEEweb Annual Meeting in November 2004 decided to launch a seminar series called CEEweb Academy targeting member organisations. These events give a chance to members to develop their professional knowledge in various fields related to their everyday work.

17-19 February, 2005 CEEweb Academy on sustainable development.
The Academy took place in Gömörszolos, Hungary.

13 November, 2005 CEEweb Academy on sustainable tourism.
The Academy took place in Banja Vrujci, Serbia.

24-29 August, 2006 CEEweb Academy on management of protected areas and Natura 2000.
The Academy took place in Kiten, Bulgaria.

9-10 May, 2008 CEEweb Academy on biomass used as agrofuels and its longterm effect on the environment and society.
The Academy took place in Esztergom, Hungary.

22-24 July, 2010 CEEweb Academy on climate change and biodiversity.
The Academy took place in Maramures, Romania.

25-26 October 2011 CEEweb Academy on resource use and biodiversity.
The Academy took place in Dobogókõ, Hungary.

5-6 November 2012 CEEweb Academy on synergies between biodiversity, water and land use policies. The Academy took place in Királyrét, Hungary.

7-8 October 2013 CEEweb Academy on Preserving Europe’s Ecosystems and Natural Capital – Tools and Processes in Theory and Practice. The Academy took place in Budapest, Hungary.

6-7 October 2014 CEEweb Academy on Green Infrastructure. The Academy took place in Ráckeve, Hungary.

3. Trainings and workshops

11–13 December 2007
Facilitation skills
(3-day training)

1–3 December 2008
Project management and motivation
(3-day training)

8 May 2008
Policy paper writing skills

5-6 January 2010
Financial intelligence (1-day training)
Organizational development (1-day training)

August 2010
Strategic planning and organizational development (5-day training)

15 November 2010
Media skills training

7-8 August 2011
Organizational development (2-day training)

17-18 January 2012
Organizational development (2-day training)

1-3 March 2013
Resource Cap Coalition workshop (3-day workshop)

20 March 2013
‘Saving biodiversity together’ (1-day training)

21-22 March 2013
Implementation of Natura 2000 in Practice (2-day workshop)

12-15 June 2013
Towards sustainable development of the Carpathians. International NGO meeting.

18 June 2013
Resource use workshop (1-day workshop)

12-14 September 2013
Natura 2000 management workshop (2-day workshop)

12 October 2013
Third Green-Go Short Film Festival 

29 October 2013
High level conference on rolling out of the greening measures and recommendations for biodiversity-friendly rural development policy post 2013

15 April 2014
Screening of a selection of Green-Go Short Films

22 May 2014
CEEweb celebrating the International Day of Biodiversity together with its Members

3 June 2014
Green Week Satellite Event – Resource Efficiency – Worth investing in?

4 September 2014
Resource Cap Coalition workshop (Part of De-growth 2014)

3-4 November 2014
Biodiversity proofing (2-day workshop)

4-5 November 2014
Green Infrastructure (2-day workshop in Poland)

3-4 February 2015
Sharing experiences on small-scale farming between Visegrad countries and Serbia (2-day training)

4. Capacity building in CEEweb’s Working Groups

CEEweb Working Groups also contribute to the capacity building of CEEweb members. For more information visit the WG websites>>