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CEEweb Academy I: Sustainable Development

17-19 February, 2005
Gömörszolos, Hungary

The first seminar in the series aims to develop a common understanding and build up knowledge on sustainability among the CEEweb members, who can thus work together in a more effective and harmonised way in a more coherent network. The first seminar will give an insight into the concept of sustainable development and initiate common thinking among the members on the right approach to environmental problems either on local or on global level. The three-day seminar will include presentations, discussions and Working Group sessions. The primary aim is not to impart academic knowledge through the seminars, but to develop a proper, holistic approach and view that support the prevention of environmental problems and long term solutions.

Participation on the Academy is limited to representatives of CEEweb member organisations.

Topics of the seminar:

Thursday, 17 February

  1. Introduction to sustainability
  2. History of the concept of sustainable development
  3. Definitions
  4. Principles of sustainability
  5. Situation play: “If I were …” – Working Group session

Friday, 18 February

  1. Using the principles of sustainability
  2. Sustainability evaluations
  3. Analyses of EU sustainability policies
  4. Sustainability indicators
  5. Evaluation tasks – Working Group session

Saturday, 19 February

  1. Sustainability in practice
  2. Introduction to the sustainable village program in Gömörszolos
  3. Planning for sustainability – Working Group session