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CEEweb Academy on Biomass

The CEEweb Academy on Biomass was held in Esztergom, Hungary on 9-10 May, 2008.

Many people believe that the use of all kinds of renewable energy derived from biomass is one of the environmentally friendly solutions to the impending climate change caused by the excessive greenhouse gas emissions. However, more and more environmentalists, scientists and international research institutions along with representatives of the civil society believe that these sources of energy – and among them especially agrofuels (biofuels) – bring more harm than improvement to the environment.

The following presentations were given by acknowledged experts at the Academy. From these materials you can find out what the real social, economic and environmental implications of biofuels/agrofuels are. This is a burning issue since “biofuels” are on the current political agenda in several Central and Eastern European countries as well as in the EU and the USA.


Andrew BoswellBiofuelwatch, England
“Global tendencies, EU targets and policies, the changing NGO position in the process” download (1,2 MB)

Veronika ErõsMinistry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Hungary
“The Hungarian targets in light of the EU objectives” download (222 KB)

Iván Gyulai, president of CEEweb for Biodiversity, Hungary
“Potentials and limitations, ecological consideration” download (30 KB)

Bojan RantasaMakmontana, Macedonia
“State of biomass in Macedonia” download (43 KB)

Michal RumanYEE (Youth and Environment Europe), Czech Republic
“Biomass in Czech Republic” download (72 KB)

Iván Gyulai, president of CEEweb for Biodiversity, Hungary
“Biomass versus sustainability” download(39 KB)

Kornél Kovács, president – Hungarian Biogas Association, Hungary
“Biomass products: biogas” download (1,85 MB)

Tamás DienesCentral European University, Hungary
“The use of biomass in the light of CO2 emission and sustainable development”download (873 KB)

The meeting in pictures.

On May 8 participants were offered a workshop on policy paper writing skills.

Shaping policies is one of the main activities of CEEweb. Much as some of us are used to reading and reviewing policy papers written by others, it seems that we also need to get more professional in writing policy papers on our own. This one-day workshop was especially designed for people who have already written such papers or would like to start it in the near future.

Materials from the workshop:

The Academy was realised with the financial support of the European Commission.