What is the Way Forward?

What is the Way Forward?

What is the Way Forward?

Scenarios for the Niraj-Târnava Mică region with relation to Ecosystem Services

Analytical report | December 09, 2016
Related area of expertise: Water

This publication is the result of mapping 91 000 hectares of Natura 2000 sites and their services in the Niraj-Târnava Mică region, Romania, jointly with Milvus Group and the Centre for Ecological Research of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA ÖK). With the active inclusion of local stakeholders, we worked out four different scenarios for 2040 considering the previously identified 12 key ecosystem services. Without a doubt, we can see that people want to have a strong community and strong environmental legislation in the future, which can result in keeping and strengthening the mosaic landscape of the region, small scale agriculture with healthy products and clean water, diverse forests, and sustainable tourism.


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