Now it's your turn!

Now it's your turn!

Now it's your turn!

Project Memories

Book | August 31, 2023
Related area of expertise: Climate Action

An initiative of 10 organisations from eight Central and Eastern European countries, Game On! Don’t let climate change end the game! has worked during its four-year run on activating the global youth to face the existential threat climate change represents for the future of humankind. During this stint, over 200 committed Young Climate Ambassadors from the partner countries have worked in wilderness camps, street actions, festivals and workshops; climate comedy shows have provoked plenty of laughs and food for thought; and discussions on the systemic consumption of resources around the globe have been vibrant and eye-opening during our Terra Futura board game sessions.

And so much more.

Game On! has been made possible thanks to the financial support of the Development Education and Awareness Raising (DEAR) programme. The project has had a gamification approach for its mission of raising awareness of the challenges of and solutions to climate change. The consortium partners from Bulgaria, Czechia, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania and Slovakia tackled this mission by focusing on three pillars: biodiversity conservation, adaptation and mitigation, and climate justice. Within this 4-year sprint, partners, young activists, journalists, politicians, teachers, and the general population have been exposed — through novel, interactive ways — to up-to-date information on climate change, the hurdles we face and what can we do to confront them.

We have done so because we reject the notion that our mission to save the planet is over. It is still on. We can overcome its challenges. We must. We shall. #GameOn!


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