Eszter Sebestyén

Eszter Sebestyén

Eszter Sebestyén

Project & Communications Officer

Eszter is a true multifunctional professional with over 7 years of cross-industrial experience working in the IT, hospitality, communications, and non-profit fields. Her expertise includes work in the areas of community building, environmental education, event organization, graphic design, project coordination, sustainability consultancy, and marketing.

She holds a BSc in Hospitality (Budapest Business School, Hungary) and a BSc in Nature Conservation Engineering (Szent István University, Hungary). She speaks Hungarian, English, and French.

Eszter joined CEEweb for Biodiversity in 2020 and works as Project and Communications Officer for the Game On! and SaveGREEN projects.

Her interests include a deep enthusiasm for low-impact and environmental friendly livelihood patterns, as well as for the start-ups and tech worlds. Moreover, she is an 'eco trainer' with an innate willingness to share practical knowledge, as well as a 'greengineer' with a restless eco-mind that gives her an inexhaustible source of energy to look for sustainable solutions in most areas of life. Currently, she is part of an experimental permaculture gardening project.

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