Linda Magyar

Linda Magyar

Linda Magyar

Senior Expert (Project Coordination)

Linda has previously worked for conservation charities and as a civil servant in the conservation and forestry sectors in Hungary and the United Kingdom. In that period, she trained many foresters on sustainable forestry methods, such as Continuous Cover Forestry and Management of Productive Broadleaves, as well as having worked for the Duke of Norfolk. Back in Hungary, she worked as a project manager at the Fertő-Hanság National Park Directorate. During her career and studies, she has gained expertise in conservation and sustainable forestry, and she is also an internationally known lepidopterist, specialising in clearwings.

Linda holds an MSc in Conservation (Forestry University of Sopron, Hungary). She also completed a Level 3 and a Level 1 Practical Work-based Environmental and Conservation Training (Plumpton College, United Kingdom), as well as many technical courses in regard to habitat management methods, ancient crafts, and machinery in the UK. She speaks Hungarian and English.

She joined CEEweb in 2023 and works as project coordinator of the AGROMIX and HUMANITA projects.

In her free time, she is looking after her smallholding, which includes a small woodland, a grazing pasture, fruit trees, a veg garden and some livestock. She also likes travelling, reading and horse riding if she has any time left for these activities.

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