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Intern for us

Intern for us!

Have to do an internship for your studies?
Would you like to gain experience while saving the environment?
Intern for CEEweb for Biodiversity!

There is a lot to be done when saving the planet for the future generations and help is always welcome. The Policy Office of CEEweb is based in Budapest, Hungary and we have internship opportunities for those who are interested in helping us out. The scope and kind of internship opportunities vary depending on ongoing projects. If you would like to do your internship at CEEweb, please send an email to Vivien Vati, vati[at]ceeweb[dot]org, with a copy of your CV and a motivation letter letting us know which filed of our work you would like to contribute to, when you would be available and how many hours per week.

CEEweb for Biodiversity is a participant in the Oxford Internship Programme.

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Current interns:

Anais: “I’m currently pursuing an MSc in Environmental Sciences and Policy at the Central European University here in Budapest. During my 2 months at CEEweb, I’ll be working on the Natura 2000 and Green Infrastructure Ecosystem Services projects, especially on TRANSGREEN and ConnectGreen. I’m passionate about solving our ongoing ecological crisis and particularly look forward to gaining hands-on experience in biodiversity policy and research.”

Margot: “I graduated in agro and ecosystem engineering in Belgium and I want to gain experience in policy making and influencing, especially in sustainability aspects. That is why CEEweb is the perfect organization for me to do an internship at. During the 2 months, I will work mainly on Natura 2000 projects, while learning about the practical working of the organization. I hope to use this experience and knowledge in my future projects and career, so that I can contribute to a more sustainable world.”


Isabelle: “I will be interning at CEEweb in the field of Natura 2000 for four months. I’ve just graduated from the University of Bremen with a BSc in Physical Geography and would like to become familiar with the working structure at the organization. As I’ve gained practical knowledge at my previous internship at the NGO Centro de Educación Ambiental in Tena, Ecuador, I would now like to extend my view on the EU’s policy work, which is the main focus of the organization.”



Previous interns about their experience:

Silva: “I’m a postgraduate student in the Environmental Governance program at University of Freiburg/Germany. As my program has a strong focus on environmental policy and I have a special interest on sustainable tourism I applied for an internship with CEEweb. During this time I helped with INSiGHTS project, which aims to foster sustainable use of natural and cultural heritage resources on a cross-border level in the Danube region.”




Jessamyn: “I am a 1st-year biologist at Oxford University. I hope to work on environmental and sustainability policy in the future, and this is what I got experiences by CEEweb during the 2 months. I hope to gain crucial experience in policy research and advocacy work to mainstream sustainability concerns into the conversation at Brussels.”


Nickface (1)

Nick: “I’m 23 and have just graduated with a BA in European and Middle Eastern Languages, and am trying to find a bridge to the environmental sector. At CEEweb worked on Green Infrastructure and Ecosystem Services. I hope to gain experience in getting crucial ecological issues into mainstream politics, economics and education, and take those skills on to my next workplace.”



 CEEweb pictureRosie: “I’m a current undergraduate student at Oxford University. I interned from July to September 2018 with CEEweb in Budapest, focusing on aiding the Natura 2000 working group. I am passionate about developing the policy for the protection of the planet, and I tried to learn and contribute as much as possible to CEEweb’s work. I hope that the internship provide me with the opportunity to contribute to sustainability and biodiversity, as well as equip me with the skills and knowledge to continue contributing to sustainable policy in the future.”


PhotoGayathri: “I’m Gayathri Hari, currently working as an intern at CEEweb on the TRANSGREEN project. I’m in a second-year of master’s student of Environmental Sciences at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. The working environment provides a great learning experience and gives interns an opportunity to be an active part of the project and have a good insight into the workings of the organisation.”


29342220_10156183861614110_832027524211933184_nChiara:”I come from Italy and I am doing an internship in Communication and Fundraising at CEEweb from May until August 2018. I finished a bachelor’s degree in International and Diplomatic Sciences in 2017, after which I developed a strong interest in sustainability and environmental protection. Although interning at CEEweb represents my first hands-on experience in a green-focused NGO, I plan to continue working and growing in this field, also by pursuing a master’s degree in sustainable development.”



Bálint: “Working by CEEweb a great experience. I am working with the Interreg Transgreen project, which aims to contribute to safer and environmentally-friendly road and rail networks in mountainous regions of the Danube Basin with a special focus on the Carpathian Mountains. The CEEweb’s purpose is to help somehow to the environment, because if we do not pay attention to nature, soon there will be nothing to save.”


 CoralieCoralie: “Interning at CEEweb was a unique experience! I was working for the Natura 2000 working group for 3 months and I developed great advocacy and awareness raising skills. As I was involved in many biodiversity conservation projects, I really felt like I positively contributed to protecting the environment.”


Sezer_IMG-20150126-WA0006Sezer: “Internship in CEEweb was one of the best experiences in my life thanks to people I met there, the things I ‘ve learned during my stay and also all enjoy times we shared in the office. After the internship I realized how much I learned in just 2 months; and also I realized I better keep going this way: to work as much as I can to make nature a better place!”


pic-lauraLaura: “Spending my time being an intern for CEEweb was a great choice! I have worked in the communication and fundraising sector, and in both cases, I can say that I have experienced a cosy and familiar environment, which has never affected the professionalism characterizing the workplace. My direct supervisors, as well as the interns responsible, were trusting me and the other interns letting us free to develop our own ideas and giving always food for thought. I was glad they gave me the chance to improve my knowledge in the environmental field with a European insight.”