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Take a walk on the wild side – Natura 2000

1. What the heck is this?

Let us put this in a nutshell: to protect around thousand important habitats and species, Natura 2000 is the network that covers almost one fifth of the European Union’s area. It contains approximately 26 000 sites on land and water. It is the largest conservation area and also considered as the milestone of preserving European biodiversity. Impressive, ha?

2. So, where can I take a walk on the wild side?

Want to know a secret? Everywhere! But if you wanna take a walk on the wild side in some Natura 2000 locations, it is easy. No matter where you are located, just click here , check out the map, get your coat and go out!

3. Yes! But I also wanna know more about wildlings?!

Of course, you curious you! Check out the species protected under the habitat directive, and do not forget to check out the the red list of endangered species.

4. How come do these landscapes and species still exist?

The European Union has started to counteract the loss of natural diversity and ecosystem functions. Possibly the most important actions so far has been the habitats directive, the birds directive, and finally Natura 2000 and other national legislations.

5. Why should we care more?

Does it really matter if a few unknown butterfly species go extinct? Or is there something more to lose? The scientific evidence is growing that together with those butterflies, bugs and flowers much more could be gone. Degraded ecosystems lose their capacity to deliver services for humans, such as purify polluted water, pollinate crops, lessen the effects of natural disasters or buffer the effects of climate change. If you still are not convinced, check out the Ecosystems Service-booklet provided by CEEweb for more real-life  examples.

 6. What can we do?

By supporting NGOs dealing with Natura 2000, you as well will be a part of the successful project. Sharing the information and knowledge about the protected areas and species you can affect on the attitudes of people around you. Energy saving issues are not a new thing, but if you want to refresh your memory, check out for example this list of 50 things you can do in your every day life to help the planet.

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