Experience design and nature conservation via VIsitor MOnitoring and MAnagement in protected areas

Project partners

Jagiellonian University in Kraków (project leader)

Jagiellonian University

Jagiellonian University is a public institution with more than 650 years of tradition. Geography at the Jagiellonian University also has a long tradition. Faculty of Geography was founded, as first in Poland in 1849. Today Institute of Geography and Spatial Management and especially Department of Tourism and Health Resort Management has extensive experience in research concerning tourism and natural environment. Research regard different aspects with special attention to: tourism in mountainous areas; sustainable development of tourism; development of tourist function of natural protected areas; visitor monitoring at protected areas and economic function of national parks. Within VIMOMA project, Jagiellonian University is responsible for coordinating the project, organizing 1st workshop in Poland, entitled „Visitors survey as a tool for identifying motivations and perceptions of natural and recreational area visitors” as well as inviting PA managers and taking active part in other workshop

CEE: CEEweb for Biodiversity

CEEweb for Biodiversity

CEEweb for Biodiversity is a network of 33 organisations from Central and Eastern Europe striving to conserve the natural heritage of the region, with a mission to work for biodiversity conservation through the promotion of sustainable development. CEEweb has successfully implemented multiple IVF-funded projects, and has experience in sustainable tourism-related projects, such as the Interreg DTP-funded INSiGHTS project. CEEweb has also experience in policy-making, advocacy and communication activities. Within the VIMOMA project, CEEweb is responsible for communication and dissemination of the project outcomes, as well as organising the workshop on communication tools to attract visitors and the development of the guideline’s chapter on communication.

Matej Bel University

Matej Bel University

Matej Bel University is a public university which achieved university status in 2010 and is a member of the European University Association. The university provides both high quality university and further education by encouraging creative scientific research. The University is a centre of research excellence and scientific and development projects are funded by means of European Structural Funds. Within the VIMOMA project, the university is responsible for organizing a 5th workshop focused on visitor impact monitoring in protected areas as well as for assisting in preparation of other meetings, inviting participants and taking active participation including discussion.

Mendel University in Brno

Mendel University

Mendel University in Brno (MENDELU) is a public institution with a long tradition of excellence in teaching and research that has driven new ways of thinking since 1919 and proudly bears the name of Gregor Johann Mendel, the founder of modern genetics. MENDELU comprises one university institute and five faculties. The Faculty of Regional Development and International Studies (FRDIS) was established in 2008 as an answer to the need to perceive the ever-growing importance of the regions and strengthen their development in the context of economic, social, and environmental perspectives. Within the VIMOMA project, FRDIS MENDELU is responsible for organizing the 2nd workshop “Tools and methodologies for quantitative monitoring of visitors in protected areas” and together with partners from Czech national parks participates in all other workshops. As members of VIMOMA we are active in the exchange of experience and sharing modern approaches to the sustainable development of protected areas.

University of Novi Sad – Faculty of Sciences


University of Novi Sad Faculty of Sciences (UNSPMF) is an educational and research institution with around 600 employees and 4500 students covering mathematics, physics, computer science, chemistry, biochemistry, environmental protection, ecology and geography. UNSPMF is firmly committed to internationalisation and is participating in available EU and global programmes funding education and research along with many bi- and multilateral education and research projects. Within the VIMOMA project, UNSPMF is responsible for organising 3rd workshop “Heritage interpretation and experience design for boosting visitors satisfaction” and will participate in all other workshops and activities, specially promotion of all VIMOMA outputs within Western Balkans region.

VIsitor MOnitoring and MAnagement in protected areas - VIMOMA
The project is co-financed by the Governments of Czechia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia through Visegrad Grants from International Visegrad Fund. The mission of the fund is to advance ideas for sustainable regional cooperation in Central Europe.