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Priority Areas

CEEweb works on several policy fields that are relevant to its mission, the conservation of biodiversity through the promition of sustainable development. These fields range from policies on sustainable development and green economy through biodiversity, rural development and tourism to cross-cutting issues, such as capacity-building and awareness raising.

Agriculture and Rural Development

Agrobiodiversity constitutes an important part of our biological diversity. Agricultural management plays a key role in the maintenance of valued cultural landscapes as well as biodiversity-rich farmlands all over Europe. One of CEEweb's Working Groups aims to make rural development sustainable in CEE countries with a view to maintain and increase biodiversity in rural areas, to promote More »

Awareness Raising

CEEweb aims to raise general public awareness towards biodiversity and other environmental as well as social issues, since we are convinced that they are very much interlinked. In order to spread our messages, we participate in street campaigns, coordinate creative contests, organize various awareness raising events and publish easy-to-read booklets.  

Resource Use

Environmental pressures from resource use largely influence biodiversity both directly and indirectly. Overfishing, unsustainable logging or hunting directly affect the viability of populations, while the overuse of water resources, the burning of fossil fuels  leading to climate change or the extraction of minerals exert numerous indirect impacts on species and ecosystems. Resource use - a main More »

Resource Cap Coalition

| Goals | | Activities | | Partners | | Resources | | Join RCC! | The Resource Cap Coalition (RCC) brings together European organisations advocating for a global resource use reduction, a precondition for sustainability. This shall be achieved for the aim of halting biodiversity loss and maintaining, as well as recovering ecosystem services, which More »

Green Infrastructure

CEEweb's Offer Funding Opportunities European Green Infrastructure Practitioners' Network and Learning Alliance GI Training Material Online Course on GI! GI Experts News and Events Enriching our Society Through Natural Solutions Welcome to CEEweb for Biodiversity's Green Infrastructure Knowledge Hub! On this website you will find numerous examples of how green infrastructure (GI) has been implemented in Europe. We categorised the examples into More »

Ecosystem Services

This page aims to provide scientific knowledge regarding mapping and assessment of ecosystems and their services, list resources, documents and references, explain the main topics and concepts behind it and raise awareness. The concepts of ecosystem services and natural capital provide an important tool to portray how much the economy depends on the environment and More »

EU Budget

The EU Budget is on the verge of being set. Time to make it sustainably proof! About the EU Budget   Sustainability Proofing     Objective & Activities   Climate-Neutral EU   Glossary     EU funded projects and programmes are perhaps the most visible contribution of the EU to the lives of European citizens. Whether it is about supporting student exchange in Europe More »


A different approach to serving sustainability Sustainability means much more than simply putting three dimensions – social, environmental and economic – together. It requires to re-evaluating our relations to the environment, society and economy at the same time. Increasing human well-being should be the ultimate aim of any kind of development, which in its complexity demands a More »


Throughout Central and Eastern Europe, biodiversity seriously suffers from unsustainable exploitation, pollution and land-use changes. One of the causes of these negative consequences for biodiversity are unsustainable tourism activities. On the other side, sustainable forms of tourism could provide opportunities for biodiversity conservation. In order to contribute to the safeguarding of natural and cultural heritage of the CEE region, More »

European Election 2019

The European Election is right around the corner! Time for a Sustainable Europe for its citizens! On 23-26 May 2019, Europe will go to the polling booths to elect the new members of the European Parliament (EP) for the 2019-2024 period. Afterwards, and pending the support of the European Council, the lead candidate (‘Spitzenkandidat’) of the More »