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Campaign Films

green_go_fb-logoCEEweb organizes campaign films contests, in the framework of which artists can express their views on the issue concerned. The masterpieces of these contests are then distributed within the wider public electronically as well as through film festivals dedicated especially to the issue concerned.

In 2011, CEEweb co-organized with two other NGOs (Greenpeace Hungary and Diverziti Association) the first Green-Go International Short Film Festival, which screened the short movies on three environmental topics. CEEweb was responsible for the category entitled “Reducing consumption is the key to survival”.

In 2012, the second short film contest was organized with topics about Energy (R)evolution in the International Year of Sustainable Energy for All, Let’s Celebrate European Nature Together – 20th Anniversary of the Habitats Directive, and Explore Cultural and Biological Diversity – our Essence of Life.

In 2013, the 3rd International Green-Go Short Film Contest was organised by three NGOs (ELTE-EKSZ, CEEweb and Diverziti), and it was a real success story in the short life of the Green-Go. More than 160 shorts were recieved from more than 35 countries from all continent in three categories related to the importance of the water, the problem of the waste we produce and the importance of species protection and conservation.

In 2014, the fourth Green-Go Short Film contest was organized with the categories Nature works for us, Feeding the world sustainably – Celebrating the International Year of Family Farming, and Fighting climate change and disasters with natural solutions.

For further information on the contest and the festival, please visit Green-Go’s homepage on: greengofest.eu or join the Green-Go International Short Film Contest’s Facebook group.