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Ecosystem Services

800px-European_honey_bee_extracts_nectarThis page aims to provide scientific knowledge regarding mapping and assessment of ecosystems and their services, list resources, documents and references, explain the main topics and concepts behind it and raise awareness. The concepts of ecosystem services and natural capital provide an important tool to portray how much the economy depends on the environment and how much a healthy environment contributes to societal well-being. Thus, valuation of the environment can be a powerful communication tool, help us streamline the environment into mainstream economics and help us achieve our 2020 biodiversity targets.

Below are the recommendations from WWF’s study on Accounting for Natural Capital in EU Policy Decision-Making:

  1. While valuation of ecosystem services and natural capital is helpful in streamlining biodiversity into policy making and the economy, we must not forget the intrinsic value of nature.
  2. We should use existing data as much as possible to meet deadlines and achieve our targets.
  3. We need to improve the scientific knowledge in order to be able to create functioning markets for all ecosystem services and goods.
  4. Research institiutions must make effort to harmonise and integrate data among themselves and create usable datasets.
  5. The European Commission should implement a policy framework for ecosystem valuation and accounting and promote a single appropriate accounting system.
  6. It is important to coordinate between parallel processes in order to identify synergies and avoid duplication of effort.
  7. The European Commission should introduce a EU regulation on environmental economic accounts.

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