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EU Budget

The EU Budget is on the verge of being set. Time to make it sustainably proof!

EU funded projects and programmes are perhaps the most visible contribution of the EU to the lives of European citizens. Whether it is about supporting student exchange in Europe — through the Erasmus Programme — energy efficiency investments in building, or payments to European farmers so to meet higher environmental standards, EU spending is often seen as a positive contribution. However, wasteful spending in seemingly impractical projects, corruption, and harmful investments — for instance, in fossil fuels — are also perceived by people with criticism not only towards the EU budget but to the functioning of the EU itself. 

The EU budget, even when only constituting about 1% of the EU’s Gross National Income (GNI) and 2% of the public spending, is capable of catalysing much bigger changes if designed in a coherent and efficient way. That is why back in 2016 CEEweb initiated a European wide campaign for the sustainability reform of the future EU budget, which lead to launching the People’s Budget campaign in 2017. Since then, and together with over 100 European and national organisations, we have been calling for a sustainability proof EU budget which works for the people.

While the European Green Deal presents a good ground for sustainability-proofing EU finances, there is a lot of work to be done both on the European level and in national programming. Following the adoption of a new budget proposal in May 2020 and the proposal for a post-COVID recovery instrument, CEEweb has ramped up efforts to advocate sustainability principles in the new MFF and the Resilience and Recovery Fund.

In October 2020, CEEweb for Biodiversity joined eight other Central-Eastern European organizations and the European Environmental Bureau in a new campaign to make sure that the EU budget serves the public good and is in line with sustainability ambitions.

By providing inputs to EU and national policies, exchanging views and experiences, increasing awareness among all stakeholders, and developing targeted recommendations for improving the use of EU funds campaign, we wish to make sure that both the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) and the Recovery and Resilience Facility (RFF) are sustainability-proof.

Read about the Towards a climate-neutral EU: funding and incentives for a transformative European Green Deal and Recovery Plan project.

See what Europeans expect from the future EU budget:

Moreover, on 15 May 2018, during the “Sustainability in Europe” Conference, European policy makers shared with us why they think sustainability should be mainstreamed into the EU budget.


Care to state your own citizen message and make your voice be heard to make the next EU budget sustainable proof? If so, please write to Ms Orsolya Domaniczky to help us campaign for an EU budget for its people!