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Green Infrastructure

Welcome to CEEweb for Biodiversity’s Green Infrastructure Knowledge Hub!

On this website you will find numerous examples of how green infrastructure (GI) has been implemented in Europe. We categorised the examples into stakeholder groups – for instance, click on the the “community” tab if you are interested in how GI can benefit local municipalities. Feel free to to explore the website, download and use the GI training material. You are very welcome to join the European Green Infrastructure Practitioners’ Network and Learning Alliance (LinkedIn group). Here, you can also learn about funding opportunities for GI and explore what CEEweb has to offer! We welcome any feedback and will be very happy to upload your GI case to our website. Please contact us at GI[at]ceeweb.org for more information. 

Nature cares for our basic needs by providing us with oxygen, food and water, but also creating jobs and keeping us healthy and happy. We depend on nature as much as any other species. The concept of green infrastructure integrates social, economic and environmental benefits by enhancing the quality and quantity of our ecosystems and their services in both urban and rural contexts.

Green infrastructure is a spatial network of natural and semi-natural features which aims to protect biodiversity and serve multiple purposes for the benefit of people and nature. GreeniInfrastructure can provide both socio-economic and conservation benefits at different scales – from local or regional level (e.g. wildlife overpasses, migratory corridors, floodplains) to European level (e.g. Pan-European Ecological Network). It is built up of various, both natural and artificial elements at different scales ranging from protected core areas to sustainable use buffer zones and green urban and peri-urban spaces.







Green Infrastructure elements

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Since 2013 CEEweb and ECNC (European Centre for Nature Conservation) work closely together
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