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What CEEweb can do for you

treequoteCEEweb for Biodiversity has been working on the elements of Green Infrastructure (GI) since the beginning. We are following policy, organising events and conferences, leading workshops and training local authorities and other potential beneficiaries of GI.

CEEweb together with our partner, the European Centre for Nature Conservation (ECNC) have vast experience in all aspects of Green Infrastructure, including policy and project development, providing training for stakeholders and implementing projects at local, national and international level. This experience is further maximized and enhanced through CEEweb’s and ECNC’s networks. Together, these networks have over 100 members and partners from academia, business and NGOs across more than 30 European countries.

This is what we offer:

  • Mapping and assessing ecosystem services 
Based on our continued policy and practical involvement we can support – together with our scientific partners – our Member Organisations and interested stakeholders in carrying out ecosystem assessment projects. These can be stand alone projects or be integrated part of larger projects. Please see our reference project here. Please download our offer>>Mapping and Assessing Ecosystem Services in and outside protected areas and Natura 2000
  • Conducting a training on a chosen GI-related topic

trainingHaving organized several high-level conferences in collaboration with international governmental and non-governmental experts as well as scientists, designed and conducted GI planning and financing workshops for local authorities and other stakeholders, we have the knowledge and experience regarding all aspects of GI. We would love to pass this knowledge onto you, your local government/company or any other group of interested people. Feel free to explore our training materials. Check out what our most recent GI workshop looked like.

  • Assessing the potential of a given area for GI deployment

mapWe took on the role of assessing and analysing the existing Green Infrastructure elements in the Visegrad Countries (Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic), during which process we acquired nationally specific expertise. We also cooperate with many local actors (our member organizations as well as other actors: local governments, national parks etc.) whose insight and expertise we would be happy to employ to help you evaluate the potential of your chosen area for Green Infrastructure deployment. We are happy to provide you with ideas and recommendations regarding specific actions and experts to involve.

  • Coordination of a GI project

meetingAt CEEweb we coordinate the environmental policy efforts of our member organisations. Having considerable experience in coordination work and project management, we would be glad to take on the role of a coordinator of your GI project. We are ready to take care of everything from tenders for projects to the selection of a construction company. Thanks to our expertise we can be of help to you to overcome implementation difficulties.

  • Application writing and funding applications in the area of GI

moneyCurrently one of the areas of CEEweb’s work consists in project writing. We have been applying for conservation and operational funds and have thus significant experience in project and application writing. We can provide you with assistance regarding where to turn for funding as well as filling in the application. Having had many successful applications for various projects over the past 20 years, we know how to write in order to address the specific application requirements and successfully obtain funding.

  • Author brochures, reports, articles and other publications

brochureCEEweb has been conducting research on GI related topics for more than three years. Together with our national members and the European Centre for Nature Conservation we have authored a brochure entitled “Enriching our society through natural solutions: Why and how to make Green Infrastructure projects a sustainable answer for ecological, social and economic problems?” We have also authored reports, articles and other publications. Currently, we are working on collecting case studies and resources for our Green Infrastructure Website to raise awareness and provide concrete sector-specific examples for individuals interested in implementing GI projects. Feel free to explore our Training Manual on Green Infrastructure.

If you are interested in our offer, please contact Sarolta Tripolszky at sarolta@nullceeweb.org.

Since 2013 CEEweb and ECNC (European Centre for Nature Conservation) work closely together on promoting Green Infrastructure across Europe.

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