The guidance document entitled “Biodiversity proofing of EU Cohesion Policy funds with a view to sustainable development” aims to lay down the principles and develop a proposal for biodiversity proofing criteria in EU Funds. The document presents principles, project selection criteria and other tools that shall be integrated into the implementation cycle in order to maximise biodiversity benefits and reduce negative biodiversity impacts of the use of Cohesion Policy funds. In addition it also includes specific guidance for NGOs on how to get involved in the task of biodiversity proofing throughout the programming and implementation cycles. Thus decision makers, environmental NGOs, but also other partners and project promoters can use this guidance to assist the development of programme supplementary documents, project development, project appraisal and monitoring.

Table of contents

1. The policy context
2. The need for biodiversity proofing in a holistic approach
3. The principles for biodiversity proofing in a holistic approach
4. Biodiversity proofing tools
5. Biodiversity proofing of Cohesion Policy funds through a holistic approach in the implementation phase
5.1 Call for proposals
5.2 Project development
5.3 Project selection
5.4 Project implementation and monitoring
6. The role of civil society in biodiversity proofing
6.1 The European Code of Conduct on Partnership
6.2 Ideas for advocacy and participation methods for nature conversation NGOs working on biodiversity proofing 26
Annex I. Possible indicators
Annex II. Guidelines for project planning
Annex III. Indicative list of “good” projects with direct or indirect benefits for biodiversity