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The membership of the Policy Working Group is not defined by any document. As with all our Working Groups, anyone is welcome who is a member of the network or is related in any way to the work of CEEweb. At present membership is made up of the following groups:

CEEweb members

Any CEEweb member organization can join this Working Group. Members of the Board and the International Advisory Committee (BIAC) are also automatically members of this Working Group. This is the reason why our president has also been present at the meetings of the Policy Working Group. The ideas of our members and the guidance from our board are essential to the work done here.

Members of the Policy Office

Policy office members initiate and coordinate activities related to the aims of the whole of the network. Their presence at these meetings ensures that the decisions made here are thoroughly implemented.


Outside experts

CEEweb has made a point of relying on internationally known experts who bring together various kinds of expertise relevant to sustainability and biodiversity policies.