Relevant organisations Agriculture and Rural Convention:                                                                                                        European Commission’s Directorate General for Agriculture and Rural Development European Landowners’ Organisation: European Environmental Bureau: Birdlife International: European Council of Young Farmers: Food and Agriculture Organisation                                                                                                                     La Via Campesina Pesticide Action Network Europe: Food Soveregnity Platform: Conferences and events How can we green the Common Agricultural Policy? 12-14 November 2010, Bled, Slovenia Building our common future: Finalising a “Communication of Civil Society to the EU on the Future of Agriculture and Rural Policies, 04-05 Nov 2010, Brussels High Nature Value grasslands: securing the ecosystem services of European farming post 2013, International conference: 7-9 September 2010, Sibiu, Romania The CAP post 2013 – conference ont he public debate, 19-20 July 2010, Brussels Green Week Conference 2010, Biodiversity – our lifeline: 1-4 June 2010, Brussels Making the CAP work for the environment, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 28 May 2008 Relevant documents Recommendations – To improve biodiversity protection in policy and criteria of food standards and sourcing requirements of food companies and retailers (2017) 2007-2013 National Rural Development Programme performance in Central and Eastern Europe (published 2013) Environmental, social and economic effects of direct marketing of farm Products, published in 2010 Proposals for the CAP post-2013 (contribution to the public debate launched by Commissioner Ciolos in 2010) Best practice example: Hungarian NGO collaboration for altering the legislation on small-scale producers, published in 2010(click here for the Hungarian version) Presentation on CAP(Niek Koning, Wageningen University) A European approach and its Hungarian implementation – LEADER published in 2005 European rural development: past, present and future (2007-2013) published in 2005 Useful links The common agricultural policy after 2013 Agroweb Network  Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) Fair Trade Labelling Organizations International Organic Europe