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With the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, unprecedented challenges and an enormous threat to public health have become prevalent. The pandemic has heightened the relevance and priority of bringing knowledge and expertise to the public discourse on how infectious diseases of zoonotic origin can be prevented through taking better care of nature.

CEEweb’s 'Health and Biodiversity' work area focuses on activities related to the interlinkages between zoonotic diseases and the state of biodiversity. Potential and advocated solutions for the prevention of future pandemics include better nature protection, halting deforestation, better regulation of wildlife trade, and better conditions in factory farming.


  • Increase awareness among experts, NGOs, and the public in Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries and in the EU regarding the connection of the emergence of zoonotic diseases such as coronavirus and biodiversity.
  • Advocate for policy tools and interventions to prevent the emergence of new zoonotic diseases through biodiversity protection made available for EU NGOs and decision-makers.
  • Make NGOs and decision-makers familiar with major thematic areas for policy intervention to prevent zoonotic spill-over, such as better policies in wildlife trade, animal husbandry, and nature protection.


  • Thematic recommendations related to the theme of public health and biodiversity.
  • Constructive dialogue on the public health aspects of biodiversity.
  • Position paper on zoonotic diseases and biodiversity.
  • Articles on the connection of zoonotic diseases and biodiversity.
  • Development of an informative subpage introducing the major drivers, concepts, and policy solutions related to zoonotic diseases.
  • Social media campaign on how public health and ecosystem health interlink.


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