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Eco-friendly transport at Galați

Organisation: Focus Eco Center Website: Added: June 29, 2023
Project start date: October 01, 2019
Project end date: December 31, 2021


Public passenger transport in Romania is underdeveloped, and due to the preference for the individual transport by cars the cities are overcrowded. Due to this project the city on the Danube, Galati is entering in a new era, and has adopted a strategy which is improving the mobility by improving the public transport, based on ecofriendly vehicles. The authorities are convinced that the interest of the residents for green public transport will increase significantly at the expense of personal vehicles. Thanks to this project, practically the first new trams have been purchased in the Municipality of Galati in the last 40 years. The eight trams were delivered by Astra Vagoane Călători SA Arad and the model running in Galați is a silent one, approved for the infrastructure in Romania. The vehicle, with 100% lowered floor, has a modular concept, both at body and bogie level, easy accessible also for the people with disabilities.

Financial data

53.629.016 RON (aprox 11.658.481 EURO), Regional Operational Programme 2014 - 2020, 72 % from EU


Every project which supports the public transport in Romania is welcome. We consider that this project is a model for significantly improving the public transport. It is included in the strategy of the city for the public transport. Our recommendation is for the other municipalities from Romania to invest in public transport following the example of the city of Galati to make their municipalities a good place to live and stop the actual situation with transport being based on individual cars, which results in overcrowded and polluted cities.

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