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Municipal and regional sustainable urban mobility plans as prerequisite for national subsidies

Organisation: Umanotera Website: Added: November 24, 2023
Project start date: January 01, 2021
Project end date: December 31, 2027


Sustainable mobility planning at regional and local level constitutes an integrated approach to transport planning and is well established in Slovenia. Sustainable urban mobility plans are strategic documents which outline municipalities´ objectives in the field of sustainable mobility and include lists of necessary actions which help achieving a comprehensive change. Nowadays, more and more municipalities have such plans which are the prerequisite for receiving EU and national funds for transport infrastructure projects. The Ministry of Environment, Climate and Energy co-finances the compilation and update of these plans. This is carried out at the beginning of the MFF as one of the first public tenders in order to ensure that following investment contribute to sustainability objectives.

Financial data

EUR 5.144.300 (of which 85% from the EU Cohesion Fund)


Connect the public financing of urban transport infrastructure projects to the respective contributions to sustainable transport objectives. For this it is important that municipalities and regions have their specific sustainable urban mobility plans in order to ensure that investments actually contribute to the specific local needs.

Information sources

Government office for development and European cohesion policy

Other info

Statistical overview of municipalities with sustainable urban mobility plans: Collection of existing sustainable urban mobility plans in Slovenian:

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