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CEE2ACT- Empowering the Central and Eastern European Countries to Develop Circular Bioeconomy Strategies and Action Plans

Organisation: CEEweb Website: Added: April 05, 2023
Project start date: September 01, 2022
Project end date: August 31, 2025


CEE2ACT aims to foster the transition towards a circular bioeconomy in Central and Eastern European countries by empowering them to develop national bioeconomy strategies and action plans through innovative governance models. By adopting a bottom-up approach, CEE2ACT will build a coalition of stakeholders committed to achieving national bioeconomy goals, including ministries, industry players, and decision-makers. CEE2ACT will establish National Bioeconomy Hubs in ten target countries, which will enable knowledge exchange, interaction on know-how and best practices, and capacity building to develop bioeconomy strategies and action plans. Digital solutions for a green transition will also be developed to provide relevant information to the National Bioeconomy Hubs. The project is expected to deepen cooperation for bioeconomy policy development in CEE2ACT countries, leading to a more informed decision-making process. It will also increase awareness and skills related to the bioeconomy, green transition drivers, and best practices on stakeholder engagement in co-creating bioeconomy roadmaps. The development of the National Bioeconomy Hubs in European countries without bioeconomy strategies, through a bottom-up approach and co-creation methods, will contribute to the green transition and climate neutrality. CEE2ACT will build trust and understanding between stakeholders, build knowledge and capacity, and build a vision and road together, providing a bridge for national bioeconomy policies. By fostering the transition towards a circular bioeconomy, CEE2ACT will contribute to achieving the European Union's climate and environmental goals, including the European Green Deal and the Circular Economy Action Plan.

Financial data

Total cost- € 3 998 371,25 EU contribution- € 3 998 371,25 EU contribution percentage- 100%


  • Increase funding and support for circular bioeconomy projects that focus on innovative and sustainable solutions for resource management and waste reduction.
  • Develop policies and regulatory frameworks that incentivize the adoption of circular bioeconomy practices across various sectors, including agriculture, industry, and waste management.
  • Foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing between researchers, policymakers, and stakeholders to improve understanding and implementation of circular bioeconomy practices.
  • Ensure that EU-funded projects have effective monitoring and evaluation systems in place to assess the impact of the project and identify areas for improvement
  • Prioritize community engagement and involvement in circular bioeconomy projects to ensure local ownership, increase awareness, and support the transition to a more sustainable and resilient economy.

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European Climate Initiative (EUKI)
This project is part of the European Climate Initiative (EUKI). EUKI is a project financing instrument by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK). The EUKI competition for project ideas is implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH. It is the overarching goal of the EUKI to foster climate cooperation within the European Union (EU) in order to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions.