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Sustainable Mobility Plan of Trenčín municipality

Organisation: Združenie Slatinka Website: Added: September 20, 2022
Project start date: June 01, 2018
Project end date: May 01, 2020


Project objective: The aim of the project is to provide and offer transport solutions that are accessible to all citizens, especially with regard to the major sources and destinations of daily movement of people, to increase traffic safety, to reduce air pollution, noise, greenhouse gases and energy consumption, to ensure cost-effective and sustainable transport of people and goods, and to contribute to increasing the attractiveness and quality of the urban environment and public spaces for the benefit of citizens. Project description: Sustainable mobility is based on a developed strategic plan characterised by a long-term vision and a clear implementation plan, balanced and integrated development of the different modes of transport, horizontal and vertical integration, assessment of the current state and implementation, regular monitoring and evaluation, and consideration of the co-benefits and costs of transport. The output of the project in the form of the elaborated strategic document for the field of transport, including non-motorised transport - Sustainable Mobility Plan for the functional area of the regional city of Trenčín will enable the preparation and implementation of systemic measures for increasing the attractiveness and competitiveness of the VOD.

Financial data

Total eligible expenditure: € 576 000,00 Amount of EU and SF contribution (95%): 547 200,00 € Own resources of the City of Trenčín (5%): 28 800,00 € This project is co-financed by the European Union with 85% from the European Regional Development Fund and 10% from the State Budget of the Slovak Republic.


The transport system is a complicated system and its functional transformation cannot be achieved without planning. Therefore, similar plans should precede the development of sustainable transport in every bigger town.

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Trenčín municipality

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